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Ignited Imagination



  Real Dreams 


Some say with conviction, 

Reality is all about action; 

And the unreal is where dreams we auction. 

I feel it’s all about hide and seek of diction 

And reality is nothing but over hyped fiction. 

Views differ and heat causes friction, And the fire is inspiration 

And revealed is the cause and effect of the revelation.  


               - Mr. Saptarshi Majumder

                     PGT English


Who Am I?

I see my reflection in the mirror. 

Why do I do this to myself? 

I lose my mind on a tiny error, 

I left myself somewhere in someplace, 

I tried to be what I am not, 

My real me was broken inside. 

Don't get lost in the blur of the stars, 

Dreams are blurry out there; 

Future and the world seemed unreal to me. 

Now, I just want to be myself. 

Don't judge yourself to be perfect. 

Just be who you are. 

For the image in the mirror is not you, 

But you are who you want to see in the mirror. 


                 - Ms. Bandita Boro  

                              XII Humanities, 2017-18  




A Little Girl with a Flower 

Changed the World

One day a girl named Belle was walking on the road. Suddenly some dogs started chasing her. After some time, she realised that she was lost. She started crying. A woodcutter who was cutting trees nearby heard her voice and came there. Then the woodcutter asked her, “Why are you crying?” Belle told the woodcutter how she reached there. The woodcutter was a cruel man. He used to make the children do all the household chores. But Belle thought that the woodcutter was a kind man. She agreed to go with him. The woodcutter made her do all the household chores. When the woodcutter was sleeping, she ran away and on her way, she saw a beautiful flower. She touched the flower and it began to talk. The flower said, “What do you want, your Majesty?” Belle said, “I want all people to be kind.” Soon after that, to be exact, in just 6 minutes all people became kind and Belle was also out of the forest. She took the magical flower with her and whenever she was in trouble, the magical flower would help her. 

Ms. Afrin Mazumdar 

Class IV, Army Public School Shillong, Meghalaya  



Memories from Mesmerizing Manas - Drive through Manas National Park     

My service posting to Guwahati opened up a new world quite different from my native place, the busy metropolis of Kolkata, a jungle of concrete. It was 13 April 2017 and three days holiday. I and my wife planned a trip to Manas National Park. On googling, I came across a webpage listing all the phone numbers and addresses of government tourist lodges in Assam. I called up the lodge in Barpeta Road which is near Manas and booked an AC room for Rs 1000 for the night of 14 April 2015.    Next day, we started at 9 a.m. I drove a subcompact hatchback and reached Barpeta Road by the afternoon. At the lodge, we were received by Mr. Jaiful Islam, the cook. He was indeed Mr. Joyful for his smiling demeanour. The room given to us was Assam type and had a distinct old world charm to it and; it was also huge and sparkling clean. In lunch we had rice, salad, lentil soup, vegetable curry and chicken curry. It was delicious. After lunch, we drove to the park to plan the next day’s visit. The road was not a road but a collection of gravel, dust and pot holes of all shapes and sizes. In the forest range office we came to know that ₹875 per head was the cost of the elephant ride and ₹2000 for a half day of jeep safari. We also had the option of driving to Mathanguri located 20 kms inside the park on the bank of Manas river. For the car we need to pay Rs 300 and Rs 100 more per head. The time allowed was 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. We decided to drive to Mathanguri the next day and; we were back in the lodge by 6 p.m.    Twittering of birds woke me up; and we got ready by 6 a.m. We hit the road to Manas driving through the sleeping town. Morning presented little traffic and the clouds threatened a storm. The storm didn’t happen and it only drizzled. The road inside the park was just a gravel road with tall trees standing as sentinels. Then we came across a convoy of tourist vehicles waiting to go further. On enquiry we found that the road was blocked by trees which had fallen because of the storm that preceded our entry. Chain saws and a JCB worked in tandem to clear the reminiscence of the storm. At 11 a.m. we reached Mathanguri located on the bank of Manas river, an international boundary. The bank on which we were, was India and the other side was Bhutan. We took off our shoes and immersed our feet in the cold water. Our feet grew roots and we were mesmerized by frolicking water dancing in the sparking sunlight. It was 1 p.m. when we started back. As we travelled through the park at times I switched off the car engine and savoured the sounds of the forest. We didn't see a tiger but the realisation that a pair of wild eyes might be following us from beneath the foliage made the experience thrilling, for it was not a concrete jungle honking its way through rush hour but a visit to the Lost Paradise of Eden. We left with plans to return again someday to spend more time on that river bank at the border of the happiest country of the world.   The return route was a different road which was silky smooth. We drove through villages and small towns for 40 kms till the national highway. By 5:30 p.m. we reached Guwahati.  

Mr. Saptarshi Majumder, PGT English    



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  B.S. WARRIER points out, “Experts have made detailed study on reading and have suggested some good methods. We shall go into a couple of them that help improve study habits. The 4R method. Keep in mind four words starting with the letter R: read, recall, reflect and review…. The SQ3R method. The letters stand for survey, question, read, recite, and review.”      


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