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Learning is a collaborative endeavour. This is  about making the text book easier to decipher and easier to remember.


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Learning is Life, Life is Learning


We learn by observing others, ourselves and the world. We learn through our curious mind and inquisitive heart. The English-e-Classroom wishes to help you to be a better learner by making learning a fun activity, easy to grasp and easy to remember.  

Theory of Textbook Therapy


The text book prescribed in the curriculum is the most important book in the school curriculum and understanding that in the context of life, determines the success of a student. English-e-Classroom makes that journey towards understanding more robust and more relevant by providing a map to get out of the maze. The answers to the textual questions, the tips and tricks, the demystification of the writer’s perspective, the road map to success come together to add to the acumen  of the learner and make English-e-Classroom a unique experience.  Textbook becomes the magic carpet flying through forests of fact and fiction.

Imitation to Imagination


English-e-Classroom will show you the way to success by paving a safe and secure passage through the turns and twists of the text in the text book. Here you will get the answers to the textual questions. All the same English-e-Classroom is not about ready-made answers to Textual Questions but about making the text easier to follow, easier to decipher and easier to remember. The poetry and the prose challenge the learner as an unsolved mystery. This endeavour empowers the learner to read the clues, to decrypt the mystery with mastery; and after that to sharpen his/her creative writing skills on an online platform providing him/her a global exposure.

Your Problems Have Solution

Share your problems with us and we will provide you an effective solution. Fill the Form and tell us your difficulties. We will show you a way out of the maze. We will solve your problems. This is your English Class beyond the four walls of the school. English language teaching is not just confined to the classroom but this website liberates it from  the confines of the classroom. We are available even beyond school hours. We are open 24x7.

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