How are you dealing with this lockdown?

We are going through a very difficult time. But even in the midst of all that fear of the disease and death, we lived life; and we are living life with love, hope and faith. Tell me more about your journey through lockdown. Click the button below titled 'Lockdown Activities' and answer a few questions.

Famous Five To Survive

These five steps can make the difference between life and death during this pandemic caused by COVID19 which has destroyed the world economy and many lives. We are safe in our home. Eventually everything will be like before but till then let us be a little patient and let us 'Break the Chain' of  transmission. There is no medicine. There is no vaccine. But don't worry. These five steps will prevent the transmission and we all know prevention is better than cure.

Watch and Answer

To Begin With, Part I

To Begin With, Part III

To Begin With, Part II

 In these video you will learn about the different sections of the question paper, the lessons in your textbook, the dos and don'ts of preparing for AISSCE 2021. 

To Begin With, Part II

To Begin With, Part III

To Begin With, Part II

 Here you will know - TWTCP & TPTPR 

To Begin With, Part III

To Begin With, Part III

To Begin With, Part III

 This is about dos and donts and the motto for the year - Talking Text Together. 

Note Making, Part I A

Note Making, Part I A

To Begin With, Part III

 In this video we talk about the 'title'. 

Note Making, Part I B

Note Making, Part I A

Note Making, Part I B

 In this video you will learn about 'title'. 

Note Making, Part II

Note Making, Part I A

Note Making, Part I B

 Here we will talk about the numbering system. 


Question Papers

Last 10 years question papers.   Download the question papers of earlier years and check out the questions. Do remember that from the year 2020 there was a change in pattern and marking scheme but still the question papers of previous years can be helpful in suggesting some important and relevant questions especially with regard to those questions which remain unchanged by the new pattern. 

Google Slides


Note Making

Let's do an example.

The Last Lesson


The Last Lesson, Part I

Introduction to the Lesson.

The Last Lesson, Part II

This video gives us an idea of the themes of the lesson.

Listen to the Story

Please go through the text as you listen to the reading. The best thing to do is to read along with the story teller.

Vive la France

How do you pronounce difficult words?checkout the link given in this page.

Share the big news

Working knowledge of languages make you more employable.

India is a country of many Languages

 Two official languages exist in India as of 2019: Hindi and English. Twenty-two languages have been recognised in India as of 2019

Endangered Language

Some languages are spoken by only a few people. Such languages are on the verge of extinction. Extinction of a language is a very sad thing to happen for with the extinction of a language a group of people speaking that language is forgotten forever.

Quiz on The Last Lesson

Take part in the quiz and check you understanding of the story.

The Third Level


Listen to The Third Level

Click and listen

Take Part in the Competition


Can you collaborate with your friends online and make a one minute/ two minutes video on The Third Level? It is an open competition for all of you. Prizes will be given to all those who participate. The winning team or participant will also be awarded. The video can be on your understanding of the lesson. You have full freedom to frame your video the way you like. There are different ways of doing it. You are free to experiment.

Instructions – 

01. It has to be not less than 1 minute and not more than 2 minutes of duration.

02. You can take part as a group or as an individual participant.

03. The maximum students allowed in a group are 06 (six).

04. The video quality must be of minimum 480p.

05. The video should be uploaded in YouTube.

06. The link of the uploaded video should be shared through email.

07. The deadline for the making of the video is 1 p.m. 20.04.2020.

08. The deadline for sharing of the link is 9 p.m. 20.04.2020.

09. The video must be shot within the premises of your home.

10. You may use costumes and makeup available at home.

11. All collaboration must happen online.

12. Names of all participants should be mention in the description part of the video as you upload it in YouTube.

13. The title of your upload should be ‘The Third Level, English, XII’.

14. Language to be used in the video should be English.

15. Your video will be judged on Creativity, Presentation, Language.

For example, In the video you can talk about the title, the main character, the journey through time. Four or more people can get together online and create an interesting video. One student can talk about the title for 10-15 seconds. Another student can talk about the main character for 10-15 seconds. A third student can talk about the plot for 10-15 seconds. And a fourth student can talk about the possibility of time travel and its implications for 10-15 seconds. And you can compile all that and make a complete video presentation of 1 minute and upload it in YouTube. You may use AndroVid video editor app available in Google Playstore. 

Note Making, Part III (A)

 Here you will be learning about indentation. 

Note Making, Part III (B)

 Here you will know a little more about indentation especially the practical way of doing it. 

Note Making, Part IV

In this video you will come to know about abbreviations and summary.